Periodontal Disease Association with Endometriosis

There are many links between periodontal disease (perio) and ones general health. More and more information from researchers all over the world comes in daily. Just recently, new studies by the University of Michigan Endometriosis Center reported the possibility that there is an association. Both are immune response impairments. In the study, women with endometriosis […]

Moderate Drinking Lowers Risk for Dementia

This health e-letter contains some good news for all the wine lovers out there. According to researchers at the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, drinking moderate amounts of alcohol may lower the risk of dementia. The research team analyzed data from more than 365,000 people who took part in 143 studies conducted since […]

Make Money From Home Instantly – Are You Sick And Tired Of Your Job For These Reasons?

At first sight, things might seem to be getting better in the work place. We are told by the government that the U.S is in a gradual economic recovery. More and more companies are starting to hire again. However, in the past few years, American workers have not received the memo. Americans are frustrated with […]