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GMTA - 2007 GMTA Auditions

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Note: These competitions are completely separate from the MTNA Competitions that occur in the fall.

General Rules and Regulations For GMTA Local and State Auditions

Failure to abide by the rules, regulations and requirements as outlined by GMTA
(and local associations, where applicable) will result in the disqualification of a contestant.

  1. Only teachers receive information regarding auditions, schedules, etc.; therefore it is the responsibility of the teacher to give full details concerning the auditions to the student entrants.

  2. Application fees are non-refundable.

  3. Auditions will be closed.

  4. In no way are teachers, students, and parents to identify themselves to the judge, nor converse with the judge before or during the auditions or at any time before the judge’s decision is announced.

  5. The decision of the judge is final and cannot be questioned by the participant, teacher, parent or chair. Any teacher who contacts a judge following the GMTA Auditions, in an effort to challenge, clarify, or question a student's rating or comments, may forfeit the right to enter students in the following year's auditions.

  6. Students may choose the first piece to perform at the auditions, with the judge choosing the order of the repertory performance thereafter when there are more than two pieces. The judge must stop a student if hearing the pieces in their entirety will exceed the time allotment. [Judges may choose to stop a student on any or all pieces if hearing the pieces in their entirety will exceed the time allotment.] Judges may stop students before the maximum time has expired in order to write. The monitor may only signal the judge when time is up.

  7. At the judge’s discretion, a Conference Recitalist (where applicable) need not be declared.

  8. The teacher must be a member of a local association, GMTA and MTNA to enter students in precollege piano auditions. Membership dues must be effective on the date of the local audition and should be verified by Local Audition Chairs. Membership dues must be effective by the March 16 deadline for all other entrants. NO STUDENT MAY ENTER IN MORE THAN ONE LOCAL AUDITION. (See Local Association auditions.)

  9. All contestants who choose not to remain until the conclusion of the auditions MUST BRING WITH THEM a large 9"x12" envelope stamped (with two 39-cent stamps) and addressed, if they wish the adjudication sheet, certificate, etc. to be mailed to them.

  10. Teachers are not to locate and contact Auditions staff on the night following auditions. If the results are desired before the appearance of the next Newsletter, the Local Association/teacher should appoint someone to obtain this information after announcements are made. Please do not request or expect any exception to this policy.

  11. COMMENTS ONLY - Students in all divisions may enter at the appropriate grade level for COMMENTS ONLY. Teachers should clearly indicate on the application form that the performance is for COMMENTS ONLY.

  12. All auditions are to be performed in person on the specified state audition date. (No recordings, no make-ups)

  13. Previous winners of the GMTA Piano Concerto (Grades 9-11) or Instrumental Concerto (Grades 6-11) Competition may not compete in this particular competition again.

  14. Only the Vice-President, GMTA Auditions, has the authority to disqualify a contestant. Judges, individual chairs, and coordinators should submit their questions to the Vice-President, GMTA Auditions.

  15. Students who perform different repertoire from that which is on the application form will be disqualified.

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