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2006 GMTA/MTNA Competitions

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Note: These competitions are completely separate from the GMTA Auditions.

General Rules and Regulations | Composition Competition Fall Performance Competitions
Performance Competitions Application Procedures | Accompanists | Winner Recognition
GMTA/MTNA Fall Competitions Staff

General Rules and Regulations

Please Note: The final authority for all GMTA/MTNA competitions is MTNA. The information for these competitions may be found online at the MTNA website (www.mtna.org) or by calling MTNA at 1-888-512-5278. The website provides guidelines, online forms, and computer assistance.

With no preliminaries, GMTA conducts live competitions, except for the MTNA Student Composition Competition, in the fall to select state winners who proceed to the Southern Division Competitions. Southern Division Winners proceed to the National Competition.

All rules, regulations, and requirements as set forth by the national organization and GMTA procedures (which follow) must be met. Note: All Performance Competition applications and entrance fees are to be postmarked to the appropriate National chair by the deadline.

Composition Competition

Division and National Competitions: State winners proceed to the Southern Division Competitions. The final authority for all GMTA/MTNA competitions is MTNA. The information for these competitions may be found online at the MTNA website (www.mtna.org) where you can click on "MTNA Competitions." At that site, all the information for the competitions can be found, including guidelines, online forms, application procedure, the postmark deadline, and computer assistance. Information may also be obtained by calling the national office at 1-888-512-5278. The GMTA/MTNA Composition Chair is Gayle Vann.

Fall Performance Competitions

MTNA State Performance Competitions (Dates and Location):

Dates: November 1-2, 2006
Location: Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, Georgia
Postmark Deadline for Applications: September 13, 2006

Performance Competitions Application Procedures

  1. Complete the 2006-2007 Official Application Form. The forms are to be found on the MTNA website (www.mtna.org) or they can be obtained from the national office at 1-888-512-5278.

  2. The entrant will receive confirmation when the application is approved by the national coordinator. The state competition chair will notify the entrant of the state competition schedule.

  3. Information on eligibility, application procedure, national awards, repertoire requirements, competition procedure, competition music, accompanists, memorization and performance times is found on the MTNA website or may be obtained by calling the national office at 1-888-512-5278.
Please read carefully and follow the information on the application forms.

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  1. For the GMTA state-level competitions, all entrants must furnish their own accompanists. GMTA does NOT provide accompanists for any contestants.

  2. Entrants may be accompanied by anyone.

  3. Taped accompaniments are not permitted.

  4. For division and national competitions, entrants may furnish their own accompanist or may request and pay for the assistance of an MTNA staff accompanist. Check the MTNA website or call the national office for information on accompanists and accompanist fees.

Winner Recognition

  1. First-place winners are expected to perform one piece (vocalists are allowed two pieces) on the GMTA/ MTNA Competition Winners' Recital. Maximum time limit is six (6) minutes per performer. The GMTA/MTNA Competition Winners' Recital is held every year during the annual GMTA State Conference. Details on the date, time, and location of the conference and the recital will be communicated to the winners at the conclusion of the competition.

  2. Winners represent the state of Georgia at the Southern Division Competitions. Winners will receive information about the date, time, and location of the Southern Division Competitions at the conclusion of the state-level competitions. If funds are available, GMTA will provide assistance with some of their travel expenses. Much of the information regarding dates and location of Southern Division Competitions may be found on the MTNA website (www.mtna.org) where all the competition information is published.

  3. Subject to GMTA Executive Board approval, the winner of the 2006 MTNA Junior Piano Performance Competition will receive a cash award from the Joan BroadhurstScholarship Fund. The award will be presented at the GMTA/MTNA Competition Winners' Recital. This award is made possible by contributions to the Joan Broadhurst Scholarship Fund established by GMTA, in her memory, in 1992.

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GMTA/MTNA Fall Competitions Staff

Geoff Haydon, Vice-President for GMTA/MTNA Fall Competitions

MTNA Student Composition Contest, Gayle Vann, State Chair

MTNA Junior Performance Competitions, Jackie Reed, State Chair

MTNA Senior Performance Competitions, Brad Nix, State Chair

MTNA Young Artist Performance Competitions, Martin David Jones, State Chair

MTNA Collegiate Chamber Music Competition, Nancy Elton, State Chair

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