Best Jobs For Moms

It comes as a certain skill to be able to balance both motherhood and a full-time job, and it is for this reason that many are seeking jobs for stay at home moms instead. While this can be time consuming in itself, many mothers still cannot shake the need and desire to continue work, even if just part-time. In light of this, many companies have begun catering to moms for legitimate work from home jobs, mothers who wish to still be able to take care of their child while earning an additional and flexible income on the side. Below are 7 of the best-tried and tested jobs for stay-at-home moms.

1) Dog Watcher

In addition to online jobs from home while watching your own little one, why not offer your services to watch someone else’s little ones as well? While they may not exactly be of the human variety, having a few extra feet walking around the house isn’t going to offset your day too much.

2) Tutor

Many stay-at-home moms that are looking for home based jobs have found their additional income in offering tutoring services in subjects in which they are proficient. With rates as high as $45/hour, creating a group study session with children from different families may result in $135/hour rates!

3) Secret Shopper

If you are looking for real work from home jobs and feel comfortable enough leaving the house, many companies also offer the option of becoming a secret shopper. Big companies want to know what it’s like to experience their stores from a customer perspective. By using any number of secret shopper apps, be prepared to earn up to a couple dollars per task.

4) Children’s Party Planner

If you enjoy planning your own children’s parties, why not provide the same service to others? Using your downtime while your baby naps or plays, you could easily plan any number of themed parties if this is something you enjoy.

5) Day Care Provider

If you love kids and will already be taking care of your own, why not throw a few others into the mix? You may however, require a special license for this one, so make sure you do your research before opening your home to business.

6) Gift Basket Maker

If you’re creative and have an eye for good presentation, this could be the start-up business you’ve been looking for. While some overhead is required to start this project, revenues can be exponential, depending on what types of items you choose to fill your baskets.

7) Blog Post Writer

With one of the more modern jobs on this list, it can be possible to earn up to five figures a year simply by becoming a guest blog post writer. If you love to write, and are willing to put in the work to get your foot in the door, this extremely flexible position may just be the best in the list of jobs for stay at home moms.