Different Types of Data Entry Jobs – Which One Is for You?

If you are good at typing, have a computer and internet, and do not mind sitting in from of the computer typing for several hours a day, data entry jobs are something you should consider if you are thinking about working from home. This is becoming one of the more popular ways to work from home and earn money. It is not a job where you will get rich quickly but you can still make money. Depending on what type of data entry work you are doing you can start to build a client base where you will work exclusively for them. It is a good field for housewives, students, retired citizens, single mothers, etc. This job field can include doing word processing, form-filling, freelance writing, medical transcription, content writing, typing, etc. When doing typing jobs you will normally get a hard copy of the material that you need to type or it could be in the form of an audio recording. If it is audio you would listen and type as you are listening. It will require top level typing accuracy and speed. What you will be paid for these data entry jobs will depend on how much you typed and the accuracy of the data.

In word processing it is almost the same as typing except you will used a company’s specified software of word processing. With the data entry jobs in content writing the work is not just about merely typing the text and being accurate but it also involves a certain amount of creative input on you. You would have to do your research to find the information that the employer wants the articles about and then put the information into your own words in the article. You may be typing articles of various lengths, e-books, reviews, and more. Some do not consider this data entry work but it is basically the same as you are typing information and putting it into an article instead of in a form or spreadsheet.

Although medical transcription is considered a data entry job many medical offices will not hire you unless you are trained to do this type of transcription. You may have to go to a community college and take classes to become a certified medical transcription who knows medical terminology. When working in medical transcription you may at first work in their office until they are sure you know what you are doing so you can start to work at home. In copy pasting and form-filling you would copy a specific piece of code and paste it in different places like online chat rooms, blogs etc. Form filling would be taking information and putting it in a spreadsheet.