What Are Warm Leads?

The different types of leads

You have probably heard about cold and warm leads previously in your online marketing career, however this article will focus on the warm leads and a definition of this type of leads. I will also go into what cold leads are. What a lead is that is considered to be a warm one is a person that you have talked with before and that have been showing some kind of interest about your promotions. This group of people can be followers to you at different social media platforms or they have subscribed to your newsletter. They might also have been starting to follow you at your blog. A warm prospect could be a previous attendee at a online conference you have hosted. The warm lead may have looked at an earlier promotion from you but never bought the actual product from you.

Family and friends

Warm prospects can be close friends to you, referrals and existing costumers, or even members of your family. You may say that a warm lead is a person which you have a close relationship with. They regard you as a person they can turn to for marketing advice. Working with these kind of leads are much easier compared to working with cold calling with cold leads. The warm leads are also called the warm market within online marketing. The warm market is the same as permission based marketing in a matter of speaking.

Cold leads

The cold leads are people you have not spoken or communicating with before. They could be just about anyone that you have chosen to talk to in a random way. They might not even be interested in the niche or product you are attempting to make them purchase. Getting a cold prospect to buy from you may take quite a deal of effort on your part. However it is not impossible to make sales through cold prospects, but it usually takes more work. It will take more of an effort because you need to talk to them and create trust and a relationship with them from the start. Building up this relationship and trust may take quite some time. then you have to motivate them to have a look at your offers. Many online marketers struggles with getting results through their cold calling, because some of these marketers in fact does not have the necessary marketing skills to close the sales.